Saturday 27 June 2015

Week 3: Casio EXILIM TR

  Today, I want to share a gadget that many people might do not know about it. This product is a product only for people who like selfie and mostly Asia girls know about it, like Japan, China and Taiwan.
This product that I want to share is a camera produced by Casio, it has many generations of these camera, Casio TR-150, TR-350 and until now the latest is TR 60.

Casio TR 60.Photography. Retrieved from

  So, what is so special about this camera? As it cost more than 3k, which is cost more than a DSLR!
In mandarin, this camera is so called a Magic Selfie Camera which every girls nowadays would like to own one.This camera only has 11.1 megapixels, which is so much lower than any latest digital camera.  This camera makes every girls crazy about it because it can turn anyone into a  beauty. It can automatically make a person turns pretty, fair and it also can helps to make up by only one-click on the make-up mode. Everything can just be done with a click. It can 'create' a BEAUTY by enlarge and brighten the eyes, make the face slim and turns the skin fair, so is it really a Magic Camera? It can turn any so-so looking people to a beauty!

  Besides, this camera's design is very interesting, it looks like a normal camera, but it has a frame which allow it to stand and it also can turn 270 degree. This specification attract girls who is alone and do not have friends who help them to take photos, so the camera can just stand by its own on the floor or table. They no need other's people help to capture photo anymore.

  The designer is so brilliant in creating this camera and it successfully attract so many Asian girls. Their marketing scope is only focus on female and it is a very success marketing technique. They design these camera into a creative look and also use sweet color that liked by female to attract them. All the color that available is so nice and sweet, like pink, tiffany blue, peach color and purple. This color is so popular among girls and is so pleasant that can make people to become cheerful.
Casio TR 60.Photography. Retrieved from

 Casio EX-TR 50.Photography. Retrieved from

  As the photo attached above, this camera also comes with a limited edition of box which is use to store the camera. The box looks very luxurious and it is 'LIMITED EDITION', a key word use to attract consumer and grab for it. For me, as a girl, I do really like this camera, everyone in this world like beautiful stuffs, but I only LIKE it , I do not want to own it because it is a luxury, and its actually cost too much according to the product specifications. A 3k can buy many things, it is such a huge amount for those needy and I would use it to help people who need it if I have these extra money.

  In my opinion, I think that this Casio camera is a very successful product and it really produce in a very brilliant marketing tactic, the targeted consumer is only in girls who like to selfie. People nowadays are really too addicted in selfie, they selfie anytime at anywhere. These phenomena actually reflected that people nowadays are not interact so much with each other and they only live in their own world, everyone on the street can be seen that all are using the smartphones and unconcerned about the surrounding around them. These phenomenon is caused by the technology and make every individual to become so indifferent. I really miss those days during schoolmates gathering, everyone is so much happier compared to nowadays which everyone only focus on own mobile gadgets and did not interact with each other although just sit side by side of each other. I do agree that technology really brought many advantages to us but is also distanced the relationship pf people. Hence, during gathering with my friends, I will control myself not to use so much smartphones and focus on the conversation because I believe that it can makes us feel closer to each other and it also will show that I really appreciate the times when we together as the chances for us to be together is lesser.

  Lastly, back to the topic, I think that this camera is only create for the narcissism. I will not buy it just to make myself to become pretty in photos.

A beauty is not see by the appearance, a TRUE beauty is from the heart, from the inner self of a person.

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Week 2: Jurassic World

Jurassic World. (n.d.). Official Teaser Poster of the movie Jurassic World [Computer Graphic]. Retrieved      from:

  Jurassic World is a 2015 American science fiction adventure film directed by Colin Trevorrow. It is the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park film series. In the film, a fully functional dinosaur theme park located on Isla Nublar (the location of the first Jurassic Park film) is plunged into chaos as a genetically modified dinosaur-hybrid named Indominus rex breaks loose and runs rampant across the park.
Jurassic World (film). (n.d.). Retrieved June 17, 2015 from the Wikipedia:

  The movie is very interesting all the animation and graphics are very lifelike. The dinosaurs are really lifelike and scary, I got frightened by some scene when the dinosaur suddenly appeared.
The new species of dinosaur created by a brilliant scientist is a Indominus Rex, which is genetically modified, hence it has different type of genetic can found in it.

"She's a highly intelligent animal. She'll kill anything that moves." 

  This sentence in the movie shows the hidden message of the whole movie, which is then the Indominus Rex cause many incident after that. 

  After watched this movie, I think that as the world of science and technology is more advance, there are more disadvantages. As in the movie, the scientist created new species of dinosaur which choose the good genetic from differrent type of dinosaur. Hence, it make the Indominus Rex invincible and they cannot eliminate it easily. As the technology developed more advance, human are more easily to misuse it. People nowadays are really too dependent on technology. Technology really brought many benefits to us but we have to be use it wisely but not use in that will make things get troubled. Many incident that happened nowadays are due to the misuse of technology and increases the rate of crime. Hence, I really hope that we can make use the benefits of technology provides to us.

  Back to the movie, I felt very gloomy and sad when all the rescue team and other people are killed by the Indominus Rex but they can't do anything to kill it as it has different type of good genetic that make it become incredible. They all are very helpless although they use many method to eliminate the dinosaur. There is one scene where all the rescue team had already place the heart monitor in them, which then all the heartbeat will shows on the monitor of the headquarter of the Jurassic World. When the Indominus Rex fight and kill the rescue team, the heart monitor shows the heartbeat of the rescue member stops one by one. The scene when the 'beep beep' sound of the heartbeat becomes 'beeeeep' in one line which show that is no more sign of line is really make the audience heart-broken. It let me to realize life is really fragile, it may end anytime and we do not know when it will be the last time we say goodbye to the people around us. So, we have to appreciate people around us and treat them good when it still have chance to do so. 

 After watched this movie , it do really inspired me a lot, it enlighten me to appreciate and satisfied on what we have now. Lastly,this movie is really interesting and worth to watch. I really enjoy watching it. 

Friday 12 June 2015

Week 1: New Life in Sungai Long

  This month is a turning point of my study life as a UTAR student. This is because UTAR PJ campus is relocated to Sungai Long city, Kajang which is farther away from my hometown, Rawang. I had already rent a whole unit of condominium in Sungai Long since March this year, hence the rentals are paid for three months before I move in to the unit this month.

  8th June 2015 is the first day of my new trimester starts, I went to new campus early in the morning to look for parking around the campus area. I tend to find a parking at about 500m far away from the campus. After 10 minutes, it is actually just around 7.15am but there are no more parking near there and it is having heavy traffic jam around the UTAR campus. I guess it is the first time Sungai Long city is so lively, full of students, staffs and parents. It's look like it is the first day of secondary school starts, everyone looks like new student. New campus, new city and new life starts.

Photo of the new campus 
(captured by me) :
  New block (KB block)
Surrounding view from the classroom at second floor

  After I have my breakfast in the first day of school , my friend and I walked to our new campus. We are so excited although we are not new student, but we start our studies life in new campus and also new hostel. We are amused by the new building as it is very tall and broad, it is too big like a maze and everyone got lost in it. Everywhere is fulled of student, I met many friends and course mates. 
The first challenge I met in the campus is I need to walk to our floor my class located by using staircase as the lift is fulled of people and we could not even fit in. The first thought in my mind is ,' it's ok, I can just go up by using staircase, it is just a piece of cake' as my class is ONLY at third floor. 

  However, I think I am too optimistic and I totally changed my thought after climbed one level of staircase. I am already exhausted after one level because the staircase for one level is like double of floor compared to the normal one, so after I climbed to third floor it is like I already climb 9 floors of staircase. So on the first day of school, I am already exhausted, tired and non-stop sweating after the 'free workout' provided.

  There are more challenges waiting for me, I have class at 7th floor in the afternoon every monday. However, I successfully to make it that day with my tired flabby leg. I think my future life in UTAR will be very interesting and challenging. Maybe after one semester, all UTAR students will become very fit and healthy due to everyday's exercise.

  By thinking it positively and optimistically, I am happy that I can exercise everyday free of charge because normally I am too lazy to workout and go to gymnasium. By the way, I found a interesting video post by other UTAR students about the effective way to walk stairs without tired. The video is in mandarin but it is really funny if every student try it when using stairs. By the way,  it will be really a spectacular scene in the campus if everyone use this method to climb staircase. 

Winnie Ho. (2015, June 10). 爬樓梯不累的小竅門,太絕了!不信你試試 [Video file].
             Retrieved from

  This video is in mandarin, it provides a effective method for climbing stairs without feeling tired, this method is by holding your hips while walking stairs, it will not easily get tired compared to the way normally we walked . In the video, they have carried out experiment on different people and they said it is useful and effective.

  In my opinion, I think it is effective as when we hold our hips, we will have better posture of walking and besides its also give support to our hips and backbone. Its give support to the whole body when moving. As when we walking, a good body posture is very important because the backbone is the main support for our body. So, when we are humpbacked or have bad position it will hurt the backbone. I think that the people who create this method is really creative. By the way, in this video,it also mention that this method is only applicable when going up staircase but now when going down.

  Many friends of mine shared this video and some of them who really tried this method said it is really effective! However, I feel a little bit embarrassing to try this method because it is not a very decency of view. Maybe I will try someday when I have to walk to 9th floor and there are no people around me!