Tuesday 8 September 2015

Week 14: Time machine

Time Machine.Illustration[Computer Graphic]. Retrieved from http://uc.udn.com.tw/photo/2015/06/25/1/1046467.jpg

When I growing up year by year, I noticed that time really passes very fast, every month just past in just blink of an eye, and the year is keep on increasing without noticing.
We are not aware about the time passing as we are focus on our own studies or job, we just concentrate on our own stuff but ignoring the surrounding of us. During I am still a kid, I hope that I can grow up faster so that I can do many things that only adult can do, like driving, traveling or shopping alone. But now I am 22 years old, I wish the time can pass slower and I dont want to become aging so fast. We do not know what will happen next and any accident can happen maybe in next second**touch  wood**, all are in destine, we cant estimate our faith. People around us will leaving us one by one, so we have to appreciate our life now.

The best way to show the time flies is by looking back to those old photograph, you will notice that your parents become older, their grey hair and wrinkles increasing. You may  not notice it in normal lifes as you are also growing together with them and you become immune as you are seeing them oftenly. But once you look at the photos, you will think that time is really very cruel, it steal the youth of them and make them become old. you will really feel the bitterness. When you growing bigger, you become stronger and dependent, but parents are growing elder, shrinking in size and health problem also increasing.

I really hope that in the future, the scientist can produce a time machine that can make time stop or can let people to travel back to the past. Everyone of us will sure regret on the decision we had made in our lifes, but if the decision that we make at first is different, will the outcome turn better or even worst? We may regret the decision making and hope to change the decision if we know it earlier. by using time machine, people can go back to the past and choice a better choice. But for me, I wish to go back to the future, seeing my parents which is younger, treat them well and appreciate the moment we get along with. I feel so sad when seeing they getting older and older and I am lack of time to accompany them. I scared in the future, when I want to accompany them but there is no more chance. So I really appreciate the time when they are still alive and healthy. 

Besides, I also want to use time machine to travel back to my babyhood to see my look as I cant see and remembered look that time, all I can is just by seeing the photograph. So I hope can play with the baby me if I can travel back, SHE must be very cute.. hahaha

This week is the final week for the blog project, I really learn alot during theese 14 weeks and I enjoyed writing blogs...maybe I will continue writing blog in the future, it is a best way to share and express own feeling.

So lastly, we should appreciate what we have now and treat everyone well because all of us are so fortunate for being healthy and happy.


Zi Qin

Monday 7 September 2015

Week 13 : Parking

I always wondering, why are so many cars on the road and so less parking for us to park our car?
As the price of car nowadays become lower and lower, many people can afford to buy car and the demand for car supply is increasing. 1 people 1 car nowadays are very common, sometimes there are people that have extra car for them to 'store' in their house. as example, if they are 4 member in the family, they might have 3-4 cars for them. By having a car, if is easier for transportation as we no need to take public transport which will cause us trouble and time-consuming. But then, this issue makes everyone of us suffered from traffic jam and difficulties of finding carpark. Demand for carpark is high but the supply is low, which let us to feel headache when going somewhere. Carpark is always the first problem for us when going out. Like going to a shopping mall, the time we used to find carpark will be longer than the time we used to go for that place. People tend to get frustrated when cant find parking.. when parking on the place which is not a parking, then have to worry about getting summon again..

 I like the carpark which provided the signal light for the driver which to show the availability of carpark. Green light for the presence of that particular carpark while red light is unavailable of parking. This method I can found in shopping mall like Sunway Pyramid, it make driver to become more convinient.

I hate to find parking as I am a impatience person. I will get frustrated and moody if cant find parking. So last time, I have been thinking of why dont have people create a car that can be minify? The car will shrink when pressing a button, it can be easily stored in pocket, handbag or anywhere else. Shrink the car in just a second and magnify it back to normal size when you are ready to drive it again. haha... Is it  such a wonderful hopes for everyone? then we no need to annoy of this lacking of parking issue anymore, and the parking issue can be solve easily. Maybe I read too many Doraemon's story and make me so imaginative. but maybe in the future someday, this method turns real!!! maybe....

It may not become real now so as advice by the government, everyone should actually car pool to reduce all these issue and also reduce the rate of air pollution.

So.. the technology is helping us alot but also make us troublesome.
Haizz... this is our LIFE....

Sunday 30 August 2015

Week 12: National Day

I am from Malaysia, I am a Malaysian.
I born in a country that consists of three main races.
I am a Chinese, a Malaysian Born Chinese.

I like my country so much and I am always proud to say that I'm from Malaysia.
I know 3 languages and other dialect, I am so proud of it.
I can easily to communicate with other people no matter where am I.
I like the Malaysia that have different races, ethnics and culture.

Tomorrow is 31st August 2015,which is Malaysia's National Day.
When I am small, about 4-5 years old, I like to watch the parade on TV during National Day and the countdown show on 30th August. On 31st August, I will wake up early and run to the living room, turn on TV1 or TV3 to watch the live parade showcase.
I like to watch the marching,the people in the TV keep walking non-stop with different decoration.
this habit last for few years then when I am grow bigger, I lost interest in all the show of national day,I only focus in my drama and cartoon.

When I growing up, I do not give attention to any politics or Malaysia news. but I start to pay interest during the 13th Malaysian General Election (SPR). I felt so touch that Malaysian are all united on that day, many Malaysian form different area of the world rush back to vote. I finally notice that Malaysian are actually very consociate. All their hopes are the same, which is want a better country and better future. 
I feel so touch and also think that, as a Malaysian, I will also need to put effort to build up our own future.

Yesterday is 29th August 2015, Bersih 4.0 rally started on 2PM and continue 34 hours until 31st August 2015 12.00AM.
Before that, I thought the rally would not be so many demonstrator to participate. but when I saw all the news in Facebook, I am so shocked that all Malaysian are so united. I saw many of my friends went to there, they are so courageuos and they dare to fight for their future. Many old folks also participate, they said that, they responsible to fight for the future for next generation.
After read so many article and post of Bersih 4.0, I felt passionate and keep update the news of it. As I did not participate, doesn't mean I oppose it, but I support them from innermost heart. I paid fully respect and salute to those who participate and sound on our thought.

I do not support any politics but all I want is a better and CLEAN country.
All the citizen's hope is very simple, just want a bright future for us and our next generation.

I really felt so touched and appreciate the efforts done by all these warriors.

Here is the night view captured on 30 August 2015 around Dataran Merdeka.
I believe that, it is the most beautiful night view in KL and it is the most unforgettable National Day on this year!
Malaysia Kini. (2015, August 30). News [digital image]. Retrieved from

Isn't it so spectacular?! According to the organizer, this rally has about 300 million participant. The view from top is really so beautiful and dont know why, I always have goose bumps when seeing all these photos.
I am so proud of them and so proud to be a Malaysian that all the Malaysian is so unity. This is sure the best gift for Malaysian for this year National Day.
Lets hope for a better future and country for all the Malaysian.

So lastly, Happy 58th Birthday Malaysia! 
I love you!

Happy National Day!
Selamat Hari Kebangsaan!!

Saturday 22 August 2015

Week 11: #This Generation

Recently, I saw an artist's interesting work online, which is bring out the life of this generation and it is so true about everyone in this era. The artist's name is Ajit Johnson, he always produced artwork which is close to our daily life.

Arjit J.(Artist). (2015, June 4). This Generation [digital image]. Retrieved from http://www.ajitjohnson.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/1.png

1. Is this truth? We will not memorize other people's phone number and sometimes somebody even own handphone number. This is one of the sickness that lead by the technology, it let people not to use their brain to remember, but just depend on technology. So when the contacts all gone, they will completely lost connection with others. Hence, I think that we should still use the most effective way, which is to write down all the important contacts in booklet. It cant be lost easily.
I yearning the time when we tend to memorize our best friend's and family's member number. I can easily press the number and dial it. After so many years, they sometimes changed their handphone number and we also not get to remember it anymore. Just one button,then press dial, that's all.

 Arjit J.(Artist). (2015, June 4). This Generation [digital image]. Retrieved from http://www.ajitjohnson.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/5.png

2. Yes? THIS is the modern people 'HAPPINESS'.
Especially seeing best friend or partner online, then typing the message to you.
They rather message each other but dont want to meet in real life, which I think people prefer facing to their own smartphones rather then facing the people. So why people still dating? All they need is just a robot that 'type' sweet words to make them happy.

So, I like to meet my family and friends in real life which I think it is more real and close to me. I do not like to face the cold and indifferent smartphone 'partner'.

  Arjit J.(Artist). (2015, June 4). This Generation [digital image]. Retrieved from http://www.ajitjohnson.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/14.png

I do write blog last time, last few years and also NOW, due to assignment's demand hahaha
People like to write blog or facebook post online, they express all their feeling in the network, but they seldom interact with their family. During dinner, everyone mostly will use their smartphone especially when the dishes are ready, they will FEED their phone first then only feed themselves, so the phone is more important than ownself? Although I am one of the patient of this modern sickness, but really feel guilty everytime when I do so. So I control myself nowadays during gathering or dinner with family and friend. I like the moment when we gather and share the things happened in that day. We chat, we communicate, and hence it is also building the relationship.

Arjit J.(Artist). (2015, June 4). This Generation [digital image]. Retrieved from http://www.ajitjohnson.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/14.png

 4. Selfie 
Yes!!! Selfie! Selfie is a new developed term which means self photography, like 'groupfie' or 'wefie' is photography of a gang of people. 
This generation like to selfie, everywhere, anytime. Like the picture above, even though in toilet!
I also do selfie,because I want to capture down some precious moment of my own on that day or maybe sometimes I cant people to help me take photographs. haha 
But I really could not bear with the people who like to selfie alot and post in on the network, like they are doing makeup,they driving, they eating or sleeping? Yes you may selfie alot but please dont upload all on the network to let other people to grasp all of your daily schedule.
And also sometime, there are discrepancies in photos. They post their own photos but the caption is so much different from the photo posted.

  Arjit J.(Artist). (2015, June 4). This Generation [digital image]. Retrieved from http://www.ajitjohnson.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/7.png

 5. This generation like to share their latest relationship status on the network, which will let all the friend to know. They post photo, status which is involved two parties, hence the whole WORLD will know they are now together. I also saw people that argue on the network, which let everyone to see their conversation. I am such a 'curious' people which they will let me watched it, like a drama going on. Many people like me, interest in their stories and latest news. So when they break up or argued, passerby like us will first to get the info and it also will lead to many people to discuss about them in the back. I also noticed that people who argued or break up, they like to block or unfriend the others on the social network. So it is means BLOCK them then everything settle? 
People like to BLOCK each other when they are not friend anymore. SO is it ‘BLOCK’ this button had become a button to finish up a relationship?

Arjit J.(Artist). (2015, June 4). This Generation [digital image]. Retrieved from

6. In the past, people worried when they are lack of food, water and other daily life supplies.
But nowadays, people worried when there are no wifi provide for them and the phone battery is low. The first question that people asked when going to a restaurant or cafe is "May I know the Wifi password?", and mostly people will bring a portable battery, which is Powerbank along with them.
Because in this generation, smartphone no battery equals to lifeless.

So, it shows that we really depend on technology so much, which has become a sickness of modern due to the technology. People really changes so much compared to few years ago, all we need is just a smartphone or computer. people less contact to each other and only facing the phone everyday and dating with it. We really need to face this problem as it is the biggest issue that affecting all of us in the world. So sometimes I think that, the marriage rate of nowadays will it decreases, then lead to low birth rate of the population and at last make human EXTINCT in this world, just due to the technology?

All the artwork produced by him is so interesting and so close like it is talking all of us. I will continue share more his works next time. 
Lastly, not to forget the element that is in the trend now! 'HASHTAG'

#bye #and #seeyouagain #next week

Saturday 15 August 2015

Week 10: Ferris Wheel

For me, Ferris wheel is very romantic and beautiful, I like it so much since small, I just managed to see it in television but dint see it in real life until I am 17 years old, I mean the real and huge Ferris wheel, no the one that in funfair. It become my favor as it really means alots to me. I am so in love with it, it is like many boxes that going up and down non-stop. 
Photo of Singapore Flyer captured at Marina Sky Park on 30  December 2014.

The first giant Ferris wheel I saw during my trip to Japan, Osaka when 17 years old.

As I knew, there was a legend about Ferris wheel, after I search it online, I only knew it. which is someone said that when a pair of couple sits in the Ferris wheel, they will end by breaking up, unless the couple kiss each other when the Ferris wheel raises to the highest point, then it will break the curse and be together forever in their lives.

No wonder everytime Ferris wheel always appeared in love story drama.For me, Ferris wheel itself is already a romantic significant, but it is not only for love symbol, it has many hidden meaning that I found out.

I would like to describe the Ferris wheel as human's life. It looks like a cycle of life, going up and down. Going up when we achieve success and going down when we meet difficulties and upset. However, no matter how our life is, it is still going on like the wheel, spinning and moving non-stop, we cant stop in the middle as life must go on no matter how is it. When the Ferris wheel box is going up, the object and people on the ground will become smaller and smaller, it is like when we success, we tend to forgot the object at our surrounding, we will become arrogant and anti-social, less contact with people around us. While when we are in the box that near the ground, the object we looked are big in size, the people we saw also larger, which is like when we are in bad situation of life, we tend to view many things in big size, the people around like friends and family will also give us support to us which makes us feel warm.

Besides, Ferris wheel is like the life when we are alone, alone sitting inside the Ferris wheel box, we do not know what or who will coming in next, the passenger that come in to the box may leave after one round of spinning, maybe he or she just a passerby, pass by our life in short term. We do not know who will come into our life next, the most unpredictable person will always the one who then become close with us in the end while the one who we wish to get closer, will always the one who become strangers. 

 This phenomenon often happens during in university life and during work. People we meet in school maybe just a groupmate for online one semester then we might forgot them after that or maybe act like dont know each other although meet in the future. In workplace, people might work together just for own mission, then will separate and meet others again, this process cycle non-stop. Hence, the people we meet is like walk into our life, and then walk away, we do not know who will be the one that accompany until the end, the one who walked in and never leave us.

Every one is just a passerby for each other, but the one who stayed together is the one who with us until the end of our life. 
Besides, every box of the Ferris wheel is like a box fill with happiness, different of happiness for us to meet in our life. Although life has ebb and flow, has bitter and sweet, but life must go on, same like the Ferris wheel.

So, who is the one who will ride the Ferris wheel until the end with us?

Who knows?
Let's wait until the end to know the ending...

 Illustration of Ferris wheel and galaxy background done by me using Adobe Photoshop.

Saturday 8 August 2015

Week 9: Universe

Dark Space.Wallpaper[Computer Graphic]. Retrieved from http://picspaper.com/dark-space-wallpaper/7322/

When I am still small, I already curious about the universe. Who created human? 
The Earth is a only one planet in the solar system, while solar system is only a small part consist in Milky Way Galaxy. The Sun which is looks huge for us is only a little tiny star among the hundred billions stars in Milky Way galaxy. So I feel that the universe is mystic and mysterious, it hides so many secret in it. I really wonder before, do the Universe has an end? Is it in a infinity shape? Is in in round shape or rectangular shape? Who is the mystery man that created all these things?  We are so tiny, but the earth that we living now are consist of 7.3 billion of citizen. It looks huge but actually it is just like a tiny sand in a beach. the ant might think a sand is huge, but we see it as very small, even cant really see it. So we are like living in a sand that in a beach. We think we're big but actually we are very very small. 

Human think that they are brilliant, they discovered and created many high technology stuff. they sent space telescope to the galaxy. Recently, the scientist discovered a Earth-like Alien Planet, it looks like Earth, and the orbital radius is 5% larger than Earth. The universe is so mighty, we do not know where will it end, so I believe that there are sure other creature in other planet, maybe in other galaxy! since the Earth has creature living in it, so I trust that there must be many mysterious creature in other planet. Maybe there will be a 100% same Earth in other galaxy? A 100% look alike me is living in it, we doing the same things or maybe the world is upside down? Who knows?
So I believe that there are still many creature in other planet since the Universe in infinity. I believe UFO or aliens all these things, because no reason the Earth is the only planet have living things, the alien in other planet may in different feature, as if they saw us that who with 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 lips, it may also consider a creature for them! 

I like to read the comic 'Doraemon' when small, I feel interesting in every story of it, Doraemon can travel back to old times using time machine, go to anywhere using Dimension Door(anywhere door), expand or contract anything using the torchlight, anything gadget can just be taken out from Doraemon's mystic pocket! I really love this comic so much until now I still love this carton character. As in Japan, people from 3-80 love Doraemon , it do not have any age range for his fans. haha I have collected the whole series of Doraemon's comic book, and maybe due to this interest, I think that my imagination is quite GOOD. haha. I like to think and imagine something fantasy, hence I am also a very emotional person, my mood swing happened frequently, I might think or imagine something then I become emotional whole day.. haha maybe this is every female's TALENT?

Besides, I also like to watch science-fiction movie or story, like Interstellar ! I feel so satisfied and inquisitive after watched it.It gives a very deep thought of in mind, the whole day I become imaginative and keep thinking about the story, I really enjoyed watching those story. I think I really like mysterious things, like the universe, and I remembered last time I wished to continue my studies in Astronomy since small, but unfortunately in Malaysia this subject is unpopular.  by the way I love the picture of galaxy and the universe, it is so beautiful, it is the beauty of the universe that we dont know.

So, what is really this universe? Maybe just a experiment done by God? or other creature? maybe we are just a toy of the alien? Maybe THEY are watching what we are doing. I feel really curious...
when only can I know the secret of the universe? what is the meaning we exist? what is the reasons that we need to survive? 

Hope one day I can know...

Saturday 1 August 2015

Week 8: Traditional Costume

Last few weeks , my friend a.k.a my housemate asked me to become her model for her photoshoot assignment. She knew that I like to collect different traditional costume from different country, so she wants me to become the 'part time' model and wearing those cloth to take photo.

It is my first time to have photoshoot in a studio. She booked the studio in UTAR for the photoshoot.
SO on that day, before the photoshoot begins, I start to make-up, set up hair and wear the yukata that need many-many-procedure.

Yukata is know as one type of Japan's traditional cloth, while Hanbok is Korean's traditional cloth.

I found out that Japanese and Korean will wear their traditional cloth during New Year, birthday or special days. When I went to Japan last time, I saw many Japanese wearing Yukata or Kimono walking on the street, which we will feel awkward if we do so in our country. I wore Cheongsam during Chinese New Year last time, but many people will look at me strangely and with suspicious look, so I don't have the courage to wear it anymore during CNY. 
So this make me feel that Japanese and Korean are very proud of their own culture ,and will continue  to expand their culture to the next generation , which I think we should have that kind of thought. They appreciate what the past generation had did and they continue the trend. In Malaysia, Malays and Indian will wear their traditional costume oftenly , but I saw Chinese nowadays are seldom wear Cheongsam and Samfu (a type of chinese costume in trousers), actually I really like traditional cloth of different ethnic, because I think that it is the beauty of every ethnic, which is past by the antecessor until new era. Traditional cloth is one of the primeval of every ethnic, so everyone actually should respect and appreciate it. Every traditional costume may have their own significance in it, which then I hope that the generation nowadays have to proud for what had antecessor create and did. We should not feel shy to wear and show our traditional costume but we should proud of it that we have such a unique of special costume created by last generation.  The new generation tend to forget the tradition of their own culture. Although the era nowadays are so advancing, but we should not forget the basic tradition of our own culture. By loving and respect our culture, we will become more patriotic and appreciate our own nation, country and ethnic. 

If everyone having this thought, the nation will become more unity and peace.

So, back to the topic 
I really like traditional costume so much especially Korean and Japan's one as I also like to collect it as my collection. 
Here are some photos captured by my friend during the photoshoot session.


 Hanbok is wore by the royal during old days in Korean and I found that it is very unique and beautiful , I felt in love with it when I first saw it. The design is so special and glamour. 

I will continue search for more different traditional costume of every culture. I love to collect all these unique items.

Lastly, these photoshoot give me many new experience and I learn that a photoshoot is not so simple, many process have to be done before start to shoot. hence the effort behind the scene are not as easy as you think, but I do enjoyed in the photoshoot session.


Saturday 25 July 2015

Week 7: DIY

This week I will share some DIY stuff I did before. DIY means 'Do-It-Yourself ' , like making some decorations, adornment or little tiny things by your own. 100% own effort, the process included sewing, cutting, nail and whatever effort to make the stuff accomplish.

I bought the DIY pack to make a felt mascot kit at Daiso, a Japanese RM5 shop.
Felt Mascot Kit, a little cute chick
The instructions are in Japanese which I do not understand, only look for the visual hahaha

Firstly, cut the felt according to the pattern of chick and sew it.
Do not sew the whole felt, left one small part to put the cotton inside.

Secondly, put the cotton inside in and sewing it completely.
The head and body are now complete, which I think the body looks like fried chicken. haha 
I admit I am gluttonous =P

Thirdly, joined all the parts.
Lastly, stick the eyes and mouth to complete it.
Finally~ !
It is completed and you can put a string on it and hang it as decorations
By the way, my friend said that it do not look like a chick, but it looks like a DUCKY .
which make me felt disappointed. =(
Actually I do think it looks like Gingerman XD


I tried second time DIY in making a tissue case.
It is a bear!!!
The instructions is same like the previous one.

Firstly, sew according to the appearance of bear

Then, make the same steps on another yellow felt.
Joined them together.
Forgot to mention,  for the yellow bear, the mouth part just sew half of it, which is to let tissue to take out later.
the bear now spit out the tissue paper! haha
It is so cute right and I am satisfied in the second time DIY

Practice makes perfect,
so every time you practice more, put more effort in making something, you will improved in the end

DIY is a nice way to release stress and tension, it can make you focus in making something which normally you will not do in daily life.

You can also DIY using the materials that already have in your house, recycle and reuse the materials
It is really very fun and the outcome will gives you great sense of accomplishment that make you enjoy doing it.

So, start to DIY something when you are too free! 
Believe me.You will addicted to it.

Friday 17 July 2015

Week 6: Tomato Rice

  During last semester break, when I am too free staying at home, I start to discover new recipe to cook. I start to cook since 17 years old, start from simple dishes then manage to cook dinner for my family everyday when I'm free. My family's dinner style is typically Chinese style, which is normally will have 3 dishes and soup. So after I've done my 'research' online, I found out that there is a new recipe to make tomato rice which is in trending. This type of tomato rice is very simple, creative and pleasant-looking. This method is created by Chinese in China and then shared it online. In Mandarin, this dish is so called "Whole Tomato Rice", which means straight put a tomato into the rice to make the tomato rice.

Rice, Tomato(1-2), Carrot, Green Beans, Onion, Corn, Mushroom, Sausage, black pepper

The ingredients I used are nearly all vegetables, so it is a very healthy dish. haha.. The steps to make it is very very very simple, even small kids also can make it.

Firstly, wash all the vegetables and then cut it all into small pieces.

Second, put the tomato in the middle of the rice, then other ingredients all put into the pot.

Thirdly, add some salt, black pepper and oil into it.

Press COOK and wait about 20 minutes for the rice to cook.

------------------------------------20 minutes later--------------------------------------


Whole-Tomato Rice is ready to serve!
Oh wait a minute, there is still a last step!
which is now need to BLEND all the rice and ingredients together. 

As the tomato is well-cooked, it become soft and once press it, the 'tomato juice' will burst out! Quickly blend all the ingredients until it is well-mixed.

So, the Tomato Rice is really ready NOW !

Isn't this recipe really very easy??
And the outcome is also very tasty and pleasant-looking, my parents also enjoyed eating it.
Next, this method is not time consuming, so everyone can easily make it even though in a hurry.
While the most important thing is this dish is very healthy, you can put the vegetables as much as you like, can serve to kids who do not like to eat vege, they will not realize it. hahaha

Lastly, I do think that people nowadays are really creative in creating new recipe to cook and I will continue to cook more special dishes next time. After I managed to cook something special, the  sense of accomplishment do gave me more encouragement to cook more new dishes.

I wish in the future, I can cook everyday for the one I loved.

Saturday 11 July 2015

Week 5 :Photography

   When I was small, I already show interested in taking photos. I used to play the spoiled camera of my father, which is the film camera that is now become ancient. After that, I started taking photos again when my mum bought a first digital camera on 2007. I started to show interested in taking photos and take whatever I saw until the memory card always lacked of memory. 
 My mum told me it’s the advantage of technology, nowadays we can take many photos as many as we want. During old days, it is very hard to even take photos in their childhood time, they have to go to studio to take family portrait once in the few years. After film camera common, they also have to take photo with heedful, have to post properly then only shoot. It cannot be NG as the film cannot be deleted like photos in the memory card nowadays. Hence my mum said photo in old days are very precious and meaningful , people nowadays did not appreciate the significance of taking photographs.

Ok back to topic, my mum bought me a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera), Canon 650D for me as a Christmas present on 2012 which is I wanted it for many years. After got my own DSLR, I keep taking photos and explore the technique by my own. I bring it to every vacation to record down the moments in my life. I like to print out the photos and when look back to the photos after many years, I will still feel very happy and will recall back to the moment. I don’t like to just view the photos in camera or computer, it don’t have the real feeling of seeing the photo. I like to flip the album and look at every photo one by one, I felt very lucky that my parents captured many photos of mine during I am still a baby. I can see back the times when I am still a baby and which I still did not have all those memory of that time, so I really enjoy to see the photographs, maybe I am a nostomania, like my mum. hahaha

So here is the photos I took few years ago, when I am still a beginner.  
This shot is the most satisfied shot of mine until now. It is only captured by using a normal digital camera, Canon IXUS130 at Hotel Sepang Gold Coast. 
I really like to captured the scenery of sky which it will make me feel relax and enjoy in it.

Then, on last semester, there is one subject that I really like, which is Digital Photography, I can improved my photography skills in this subject. Our lecturer taught us the more accurate ways in taking photos as last time I only explore the skills by my own which I not sure is it correct or not. So here are some photographs of my assignment that I satisfied with it.

The first assignment, shallow depth of field photographs: 
f/5.6 1/160sec ISO 100
For shallow depth of field, it need to adjust to a large Aperture.The smaller the number, the larger the aperture). The changes in aperture will affect the background.

Second assignment, to work on shutter speed which is to show the photo in motion and frozen.
 f/3.5   1/2000sec   ISO400
 f/22    1/10sec   ISO100
The changes in shutter speed is the exposures to a moving object to make it static or moving.

Third assignment, night photography:
f/4.5 1/2sec ISO100
I took this photo in I-City, Shah Alam.

 Lastly, assignment 6 which the difficulties being upgraded, the theme is night photography that which shows kinetic photograph.   This task is the most difficult which I tried many times before success.
f/7.1  2sec   ISO100
This shot captured at Oasis, Ara Damansara. This technique called kinetic photography or also zoom burst, which is to turn the lens slowly when capturing photo. It is tough as the timing have to be accurate to make the light extended during turning the lens to be smooth. I am glad that finally I can complete this task which I also learn new skills in taking photos.

Until now I am still like to take photos very much and I will continue put effort in taking photos as it is also one of my hobby. 
I like to capture and also being captured. xD

Friday 3 July 2015

Week 4: Copic Color Marker

During this week my Drawing 2 class, it is my first attempt to draw by using color marker. Before I attend the drawing class, when I heard about color marker, what’s in my first thought is it is the marker that we used to draw and play during childhood. But actually these color marker is marker specially for designer or illustrator use to draw and sketch. There are many brand of color marker in the market, like Copic, Kurecolour and Prismacolor.

  The color marker that I bought is Copic brand.

I spent about Rm545++ on it. T_T

This is the sketch of my mood on that that day after spent so much just to buy color marker.
**Life of a designer student.**

Let's back to the topic. Now lets me show the development of my color marker during the class exercise. This exercise is to draw a human body figure using grey tone color marker.

The human figure that I choose to draw is a Korean artist, named Nana, which is from After School an artist female groups.
Nana[Online Image]. Retrieved July 3, 2015 from http://41.media.tumblr.com/edc0749ff18247e8d463bdf76edbe277/tumblr_mgiygwq65m1s369beo1_1280.jpg

  Firstly, I traced out the outline of the figure by using light box in the studio. By using the light box, the light from the bottom let us to easily trace out the object we want to draw.

Second, I applied the first layer of color by using the lightest color of grey tone color, C-1.

Thirdly, I keep add on other darker color like C-2 and C-3 of grey tone color on it by blending the color. Both different color of marker have to blend it to make the color smooth, if not the difference of the tones will be very obvious.
The lightest part of the body have to be blank to show the tone and to make the shadow obvious.

and FINALLY!!!!


I finished it within 3 hours during the practical!!!

Here is the comparison of the original image and my drawing.

I felt quite satisfied on this first try to draw using color marker. This time is only grey tone marker, next time will be draw using all color marker, so it's sure will be harder but I will try my best to do it!

I will keep improve myself to draw using color marker.