Tuesday 8 September 2015

Week 14: Time machine

Time Machine.Illustration[Computer Graphic]. Retrieved from http://uc.udn.com.tw/photo/2015/06/25/1/1046467.jpg

When I growing up year by year, I noticed that time really passes very fast, every month just past in just blink of an eye, and the year is keep on increasing without noticing.
We are not aware about the time passing as we are focus on our own studies or job, we just concentrate on our own stuff but ignoring the surrounding of us. During I am still a kid, I hope that I can grow up faster so that I can do many things that only adult can do, like driving, traveling or shopping alone. But now I am 22 years old, I wish the time can pass slower and I dont want to become aging so fast. We do not know what will happen next and any accident can happen maybe in next second**touch  wood**, all are in destine, we cant estimate our faith. People around us will leaving us one by one, so we have to appreciate our life now.

The best way to show the time flies is by looking back to those old photograph, you will notice that your parents become older, their grey hair and wrinkles increasing. You may  not notice it in normal lifes as you are also growing together with them and you become immune as you are seeing them oftenly. But once you look at the photos, you will think that time is really very cruel, it steal the youth of them and make them become old. you will really feel the bitterness. When you growing bigger, you become stronger and dependent, but parents are growing elder, shrinking in size and health problem also increasing.

I really hope that in the future, the scientist can produce a time machine that can make time stop or can let people to travel back to the past. Everyone of us will sure regret on the decision we had made in our lifes, but if the decision that we make at first is different, will the outcome turn better or even worst? We may regret the decision making and hope to change the decision if we know it earlier. by using time machine, people can go back to the past and choice a better choice. But for me, I wish to go back to the future, seeing my parents which is younger, treat them well and appreciate the moment we get along with. I feel so sad when seeing they getting older and older and I am lack of time to accompany them. I scared in the future, when I want to accompany them but there is no more chance. So I really appreciate the time when they are still alive and healthy. 

Besides, I also want to use time machine to travel back to my babyhood to see my look as I cant see and remembered look that time, all I can is just by seeing the photograph. So I hope can play with the baby me if I can travel back, SHE must be very cute.. hahaha

This week is the final week for the blog project, I really learn alot during theese 14 weeks and I enjoyed writing blogs...maybe I will continue writing blog in the future, it is a best way to share and express own feeling.

So lastly, we should appreciate what we have now and treat everyone well because all of us are so fortunate for being healthy and happy.


Zi Qin

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