Monday 7 September 2015

Week 13 : Parking

I always wondering, why are so many cars on the road and so less parking for us to park our car?
As the price of car nowadays become lower and lower, many people can afford to buy car and the demand for car supply is increasing. 1 people 1 car nowadays are very common, sometimes there are people that have extra car for them to 'store' in their house. as example, if they are 4 member in the family, they might have 3-4 cars for them. By having a car, if is easier for transportation as we no need to take public transport which will cause us trouble and time-consuming. But then, this issue makes everyone of us suffered from traffic jam and difficulties of finding carpark. Demand for carpark is high but the supply is low, which let us to feel headache when going somewhere. Carpark is always the first problem for us when going out. Like going to a shopping mall, the time we used to find carpark will be longer than the time we used to go for that place. People tend to get frustrated when cant find parking.. when parking on the place which is not a parking, then have to worry about getting summon again..

 I like the carpark which provided the signal light for the driver which to show the availability of carpark. Green light for the presence of that particular carpark while red light is unavailable of parking. This method I can found in shopping mall like Sunway Pyramid, it make driver to become more convinient.

I hate to find parking as I am a impatience person. I will get frustrated and moody if cant find parking. So last time, I have been thinking of why dont have people create a car that can be minify? The car will shrink when pressing a button, it can be easily stored in pocket, handbag or anywhere else. Shrink the car in just a second and magnify it back to normal size when you are ready to drive it again. haha... Is it  such a wonderful hopes for everyone? then we no need to annoy of this lacking of parking issue anymore, and the parking issue can be solve easily. Maybe I read too many Doraemon's story and make me so imaginative. but maybe in the future someday, this method turns real!!! maybe....

It may not become real now so as advice by the government, everyone should actually car pool to reduce all these issue and also reduce the rate of air pollution.

So.. the technology is helping us alot but also make us troublesome.
Haizz... this is our LIFE....

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