Sunday 30 August 2015

Week 12: National Day

I am from Malaysia, I am a Malaysian.
I born in a country that consists of three main races.
I am a Chinese, a Malaysian Born Chinese.

I like my country so much and I am always proud to say that I'm from Malaysia.
I know 3 languages and other dialect, I am so proud of it.
I can easily to communicate with other people no matter where am I.
I like the Malaysia that have different races, ethnics and culture.

Tomorrow is 31st August 2015,which is Malaysia's National Day.
When I am small, about 4-5 years old, I like to watch the parade on TV during National Day and the countdown show on 30th August. On 31st August, I will wake up early and run to the living room, turn on TV1 or TV3 to watch the live parade showcase.
I like to watch the marching,the people in the TV keep walking non-stop with different decoration.
this habit last for few years then when I am grow bigger, I lost interest in all the show of national day,I only focus in my drama and cartoon.

When I growing up, I do not give attention to any politics or Malaysia news. but I start to pay interest during the 13th Malaysian General Election (SPR). I felt so touch that Malaysian are all united on that day, many Malaysian form different area of the world rush back to vote. I finally notice that Malaysian are actually very consociate. All their hopes are the same, which is want a better country and better future. 
I feel so touch and also think that, as a Malaysian, I will also need to put effort to build up our own future.

Yesterday is 29th August 2015, Bersih 4.0 rally started on 2PM and continue 34 hours until 31st August 2015 12.00AM.
Before that, I thought the rally would not be so many demonstrator to participate. but when I saw all the news in Facebook, I am so shocked that all Malaysian are so united. I saw many of my friends went to there, they are so courageuos and they dare to fight for their future. Many old folks also participate, they said that, they responsible to fight for the future for next generation.
After read so many article and post of Bersih 4.0, I felt passionate and keep update the news of it. As I did not participate, doesn't mean I oppose it, but I support them from innermost heart. I paid fully respect and salute to those who participate and sound on our thought.

I do not support any politics but all I want is a better and CLEAN country.
All the citizen's hope is very simple, just want a bright future for us and our next generation.

I really felt so touched and appreciate the efforts done by all these warriors.

Here is the night view captured on 30 August 2015 around Dataran Merdeka.
I believe that, it is the most beautiful night view in KL and it is the most unforgettable National Day on this year!
Malaysia Kini. (2015, August 30). News [digital image]. Retrieved from

Isn't it so spectacular?! According to the organizer, this rally has about 300 million participant. The view from top is really so beautiful and dont know why, I always have goose bumps when seeing all these photos.
I am so proud of them and so proud to be a Malaysian that all the Malaysian is so unity. This is sure the best gift for Malaysian for this year National Day.
Lets hope for a better future and country for all the Malaysian.

So lastly, Happy 58th Birthday Malaysia! 
I love you!

Happy National Day!
Selamat Hari Kebangsaan!!

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