Saturday 15 August 2015

Week 10: Ferris Wheel

For me, Ferris wheel is very romantic and beautiful, I like it so much since small, I just managed to see it in television but dint see it in real life until I am 17 years old, I mean the real and huge Ferris wheel, no the one that in funfair. It become my favor as it really means alots to me. I am so in love with it, it is like many boxes that going up and down non-stop. 
Photo of Singapore Flyer captured at Marina Sky Park on 30  December 2014.

The first giant Ferris wheel I saw during my trip to Japan, Osaka when 17 years old.

As I knew, there was a legend about Ferris wheel, after I search it online, I only knew it. which is someone said that when a pair of couple sits in the Ferris wheel, they will end by breaking up, unless the couple kiss each other when the Ferris wheel raises to the highest point, then it will break the curse and be together forever in their lives.

No wonder everytime Ferris wheel always appeared in love story drama.For me, Ferris wheel itself is already a romantic significant, but it is not only for love symbol, it has many hidden meaning that I found out.

I would like to describe the Ferris wheel as human's life. It looks like a cycle of life, going up and down. Going up when we achieve success and going down when we meet difficulties and upset. However, no matter how our life is, it is still going on like the wheel, spinning and moving non-stop, we cant stop in the middle as life must go on no matter how is it. When the Ferris wheel box is going up, the object and people on the ground will become smaller and smaller, it is like when we success, we tend to forgot the object at our surrounding, we will become arrogant and anti-social, less contact with people around us. While when we are in the box that near the ground, the object we looked are big in size, the people we saw also larger, which is like when we are in bad situation of life, we tend to view many things in big size, the people around like friends and family will also give us support to us which makes us feel warm.

Besides, Ferris wheel is like the life when we are alone, alone sitting inside the Ferris wheel box, we do not know what or who will coming in next, the passenger that come in to the box may leave after one round of spinning, maybe he or she just a passerby, pass by our life in short term. We do not know who will come into our life next, the most unpredictable person will always the one who then become close with us in the end while the one who we wish to get closer, will always the one who become strangers. 

 This phenomenon often happens during in university life and during work. People we meet in school maybe just a groupmate for online one semester then we might forgot them after that or maybe act like dont know each other although meet in the future. In workplace, people might work together just for own mission, then will separate and meet others again, this process cycle non-stop. Hence, the people we meet is like walk into our life, and then walk away, we do not know who will be the one that accompany until the end, the one who walked in and never leave us.

Every one is just a passerby for each other, but the one who stayed together is the one who with us until the end of our life. 
Besides, every box of the Ferris wheel is like a box fill with happiness, different of happiness for us to meet in our life. Although life has ebb and flow, has bitter and sweet, but life must go on, same like the Ferris wheel.

So, who is the one who will ride the Ferris wheel until the end with us?

Who knows?
Let's wait until the end to know the ending...

 Illustration of Ferris wheel and galaxy background done by me using Adobe Photoshop.

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