Saturday 1 August 2015

Week 8: Traditional Costume

Last few weeks , my friend a.k.a my housemate asked me to become her model for her photoshoot assignment. She knew that I like to collect different traditional costume from different country, so she wants me to become the 'part time' model and wearing those cloth to take photo.

It is my first time to have photoshoot in a studio. She booked the studio in UTAR for the photoshoot.
SO on that day, before the photoshoot begins, I start to make-up, set up hair and wear the yukata that need many-many-procedure.

Yukata is know as one type of Japan's traditional cloth, while Hanbok is Korean's traditional cloth.

I found out that Japanese and Korean will wear their traditional cloth during New Year, birthday or special days. When I went to Japan last time, I saw many Japanese wearing Yukata or Kimono walking on the street, which we will feel awkward if we do so in our country. I wore Cheongsam during Chinese New Year last time, but many people will look at me strangely and with suspicious look, so I don't have the courage to wear it anymore during CNY. 
So this make me feel that Japanese and Korean are very proud of their own culture ,and will continue  to expand their culture to the next generation , which I think we should have that kind of thought. They appreciate what the past generation had did and they continue the trend. In Malaysia, Malays and Indian will wear their traditional costume oftenly , but I saw Chinese nowadays are seldom wear Cheongsam and Samfu (a type of chinese costume in trousers), actually I really like traditional cloth of different ethnic, because I think that it is the beauty of every ethnic, which is past by the antecessor until new era. Traditional cloth is one of the primeval of every ethnic, so everyone actually should respect and appreciate it. Every traditional costume may have their own significance in it, which then I hope that the generation nowadays have to proud for what had antecessor create and did. We should not feel shy to wear and show our traditional costume but we should proud of it that we have such a unique of special costume created by last generation.  The new generation tend to forget the tradition of their own culture. Although the era nowadays are so advancing, but we should not forget the basic tradition of our own culture. By loving and respect our culture, we will become more patriotic and appreciate our own nation, country and ethnic. 

If everyone having this thought, the nation will become more unity and peace.

So, back to the topic 
I really like traditional costume so much especially Korean and Japan's one as I also like to collect it as my collection. 
Here are some photos captured by my friend during the photoshoot session.


 Hanbok is wore by the royal during old days in Korean and I found that it is very unique and beautiful , I felt in love with it when I first saw it. The design is so special and glamour. 

I will continue search for more different traditional costume of every culture. I love to collect all these unique items.

Lastly, these photoshoot give me many new experience and I learn that a photoshoot is not so simple, many process have to be done before start to shoot. hence the effort behind the scene are not as easy as you think, but I do enjoyed in the photoshoot session.


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