Saturday 8 August 2015

Week 9: Universe

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When I am still small, I already curious about the universe. Who created human? 
The Earth is a only one planet in the solar system, while solar system is only a small part consist in Milky Way Galaxy. The Sun which is looks huge for us is only a little tiny star among the hundred billions stars in Milky Way galaxy. So I feel that the universe is mystic and mysterious, it hides so many secret in it. I really wonder before, do the Universe has an end? Is it in a infinity shape? Is in in round shape or rectangular shape? Who is the mystery man that created all these things?  We are so tiny, but the earth that we living now are consist of 7.3 billion of citizen. It looks huge but actually it is just like a tiny sand in a beach. the ant might think a sand is huge, but we see it as very small, even cant really see it. So we are like living in a sand that in a beach. We think we're big but actually we are very very small. 

Human think that they are brilliant, they discovered and created many high technology stuff. they sent space telescope to the galaxy. Recently, the scientist discovered a Earth-like Alien Planet, it looks like Earth, and the orbital radius is 5% larger than Earth. The universe is so mighty, we do not know where will it end, so I believe that there are sure other creature in other planet, maybe in other galaxy! since the Earth has creature living in it, so I trust that there must be many mysterious creature in other planet. Maybe there will be a 100% same Earth in other galaxy? A 100% look alike me is living in it, we doing the same things or maybe the world is upside down? Who knows?
So I believe that there are still many creature in other planet since the Universe in infinity. I believe UFO or aliens all these things, because no reason the Earth is the only planet have living things, the alien in other planet may in different feature, as if they saw us that who with 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 lips, it may also consider a creature for them! 

I like to read the comic 'Doraemon' when small, I feel interesting in every story of it, Doraemon can travel back to old times using time machine, go to anywhere using Dimension Door(anywhere door), expand or contract anything using the torchlight, anything gadget can just be taken out from Doraemon's mystic pocket! I really love this comic so much until now I still love this carton character. As in Japan, people from 3-80 love Doraemon , it do not have any age range for his fans. haha I have collected the whole series of Doraemon's comic book, and maybe due to this interest, I think that my imagination is quite GOOD. haha. I like to think and imagine something fantasy, hence I am also a very emotional person, my mood swing happened frequently, I might think or imagine something then I become emotional whole day.. haha maybe this is every female's TALENT?

Besides, I also like to watch science-fiction movie or story, like Interstellar ! I feel so satisfied and inquisitive after watched it.It gives a very deep thought of in mind, the whole day I become imaginative and keep thinking about the story, I really enjoyed watching those story. I think I really like mysterious things, like the universe, and I remembered last time I wished to continue my studies in Astronomy since small, but unfortunately in Malaysia this subject is unpopular.  by the way I love the picture of galaxy and the universe, it is so beautiful, it is the beauty of the universe that we dont know.

So, what is really this universe? Maybe just a experiment done by God? or other creature? maybe we are just a toy of the alien? Maybe THEY are watching what we are doing. I feel really curious...
when only can I know the secret of the universe? what is the meaning we exist? what is the reasons that we need to survive? 

Hope one day I can know...

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