Saturday 22 August 2015

Week 11: #This Generation

Recently, I saw an artist's interesting work online, which is bring out the life of this generation and it is so true about everyone in this era. The artist's name is Ajit Johnson, he always produced artwork which is close to our daily life.

Arjit J.(Artist). (2015, June 4). This Generation [digital image]. Retrieved from

1. Is this truth? We will not memorize other people's phone number and sometimes somebody even own handphone number. This is one of the sickness that lead by the technology, it let people not to use their brain to remember, but just depend on technology. So when the contacts all gone, they will completely lost connection with others. Hence, I think that we should still use the most effective way, which is to write down all the important contacts in booklet. It cant be lost easily.
I yearning the time when we tend to memorize our best friend's and family's member number. I can easily press the number and dial it. After so many years, they sometimes changed their handphone number and we also not get to remember it anymore. Just one button,then press dial, that's all.

 Arjit J.(Artist). (2015, June 4). This Generation [digital image]. Retrieved from

2. Yes? THIS is the modern people 'HAPPINESS'.
Especially seeing best friend or partner online, then typing the message to you.
They rather message each other but dont want to meet in real life, which I think people prefer facing to their own smartphones rather then facing the people. So why people still dating? All they need is just a robot that 'type' sweet words to make them happy.

So, I like to meet my family and friends in real life which I think it is more real and close to me. I do not like to face the cold and indifferent smartphone 'partner'.

  Arjit J.(Artist). (2015, June 4). This Generation [digital image]. Retrieved from

I do write blog last time, last few years and also NOW, due to assignment's demand hahaha
People like to write blog or facebook post online, they express all their feeling in the network, but they seldom interact with their family. During dinner, everyone mostly will use their smartphone especially when the dishes are ready, they will FEED their phone first then only feed themselves, so the phone is more important than ownself? Although I am one of the patient of this modern sickness, but really feel guilty everytime when I do so. So I control myself nowadays during gathering or dinner with family and friend. I like the moment when we gather and share the things happened in that day. We chat, we communicate, and hence it is also building the relationship.

Arjit J.(Artist). (2015, June 4). This Generation [digital image]. Retrieved from

 4. Selfie 
Yes!!! Selfie! Selfie is a new developed term which means self photography, like 'groupfie' or 'wefie' is photography of a gang of people. 
This generation like to selfie, everywhere, anytime. Like the picture above, even though in toilet!
I also do selfie,because I want to capture down some precious moment of my own on that day or maybe sometimes I cant people to help me take photographs. haha 
But I really could not bear with the people who like to selfie alot and post in on the network, like they are doing makeup,they driving, they eating or sleeping? Yes you may selfie alot but please dont upload all on the network to let other people to grasp all of your daily schedule.
And also sometime, there are discrepancies in photos. They post their own photos but the caption is so much different from the photo posted.

  Arjit J.(Artist). (2015, June 4). This Generation [digital image]. Retrieved from

 5. This generation like to share their latest relationship status on the network, which will let all the friend to know. They post photo, status which is involved two parties, hence the whole WORLD will know they are now together. I also saw people that argue on the network, which let everyone to see their conversation. I am such a 'curious' people which they will let me watched it, like a drama going on. Many people like me, interest in their stories and latest news. So when they break up or argued, passerby like us will first to get the info and it also will lead to many people to discuss about them in the back. I also noticed that people who argued or break up, they like to block or unfriend the others on the social network. So it is means BLOCK them then everything settle? 
People like to BLOCK each other when they are not friend anymore. SO is it ‘BLOCK’ this button had become a button to finish up a relationship?

Arjit J.(Artist). (2015, June 4). This Generation [digital image]. Retrieved from

6. In the past, people worried when they are lack of food, water and other daily life supplies.
But nowadays, people worried when there are no wifi provide for them and the phone battery is low. The first question that people asked when going to a restaurant or cafe is "May I know the Wifi password?", and mostly people will bring a portable battery, which is Powerbank along with them.
Because in this generation, smartphone no battery equals to lifeless.

So, it shows that we really depend on technology so much, which has become a sickness of modern due to the technology. People really changes so much compared to few years ago, all we need is just a smartphone or computer. people less contact to each other and only facing the phone everyday and dating with it. We really need to face this problem as it is the biggest issue that affecting all of us in the world. So sometimes I think that, the marriage rate of nowadays will it decreases, then lead to low birth rate of the population and at last make human EXTINCT in this world, just due to the technology?

All the artwork produced by him is so interesting and so close like it is talking all of us. I will continue share more his works next time. 
Lastly, not to forget the element that is in the trend now! 'HASHTAG'

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